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One of our new clients had this to say

... I have the logo sitting here on my desk and I just wanted to THANK YOU!!!!! I could just give you the biggest hug ... I just LOVE IT. The more I look at it the more I get soooooo excited. You do an awesome job. This is the first time that when I opened up the design I went, “WOW!”---Which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you for taking the time up front to talk to me to understand what styles and items I liked. I appreciate your great customer service and awesome end product. Now I can’t wait to see the website...You are the GREATEST! Thanks a million. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing this service. Have a great day!!!!!
Kelli Zblewski




Please Take Time to Read Our Terms of Use

*Please be sure to read all of our terms of use before purchase of our graphics and/or websets before placing your Order.

 *All graphics are copyrighted property of Moon & Stars Graphics and/or its respective graphic artists, and may NOT be altered in any manner unless otherwise specified.  

 *Our graphics may NOT be resized, re-colored, added to another collection, re-sold and/or re-distributed unless express written permission is granted by Moon & Stars Graphics and/or its respective graphic artists.

 *All Graphics are for use on family-friendly websites ONLY! Under no circumstances will we allow the use of any graphics on adult-related or pornographic websites and/or materials.

 *We require all fees for graphics and websets to be paid in advance and in U.S. funds. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal and personal or company checks. Please note if you are paying by check that your order will be held until such time as your check has cleared, and if there is a problem with your check not clearing due to insufficient funds, there will be a $25 return check fee.

 *All prices are subject to change at any time and without written notice.

*Your purchase of any product(s) and/or service(s) from this website indicates your acceptance of these terms, and you hereby agree to be legally bound by said terms upon your purchase.

 *Please note that your credit card statement will reflect a charge for your purchase from Moon & Stars Farm.

 *When you purchase graphics or a webset from us, they are yours to use on your website.  However, please note that the copyright for those images is retained by Moon & Stars Graphics and/or its respective graphic artists. This means that NO CHANGES of any kind may be made to the graphics or webset, except by us or with the express written permission of Moon & Stars Graphics and/or its respective graphic artists. 

*The fee for customization of our Websets and DIY Sets is included in the price of each set. We will customize the logo and banner with your business name and a tag line, if there is room. We will also customize your navbar buttons.

*NO CHANGES of any kind will be made to any of our websets or DIY sets. If you like a particular Webset, but would like a different font than the choices we have, or would like a change or some sort of personalization other than the customization of the logo, banner, navbar buttons, please email us and let us know what you would like, and we will be happy to provide a price for these changes.

*None of our graphics or websets are available for resale in any way. 

*We reserve the right to discontinue services with a client and/or customer at any time if deemed necessary.

*Your purchase and use of our graphics and/or Websets on your website or on a webpage, requires that you provide credit to Moon and Stars Graphics, by placing the logo on your website or webpage that is included with the set and by making sure that you provide a working link back to our website from each web page where our graphics or websets are used. It is not enough to simply put a graphic up with our name on it, you are required to provide a working link back to our site, which means that you'll have to point our graphic logo or banner to our website so people will be able to click on the graphic and reach our website.

*Please note that all websites and graphics look different when being viewed by AOL and certain other browsers, and that we have no control over this and are not responsible for this problem.  Moon & Stars upholds the Copyright laws of the federal government but is not responsible for designs created with misleading information from clients. All rights are hereby reserved.



graphics used on this page are not for download and were made specially for Moon and Stars by

Moon & Stars
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Maitland, MO 64466

*graphics used in websets with permission from owners of graphics. 

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