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One of our new clients had this to say

... I have the logo sitting here on my desk and I just wanted to THANK YOU!!!!! I could just give you the biggest hug ... I just LOVE IT. The more I look at it the more I get soooooo excited. You do an awesome job. This is the first time that when I opened up the design I went, “WOW!”---Which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you for taking the time up front to talk to me to understand what styles and items I liked. I appreciate your great customer service and awesome end product. Now I can’t wait to see the website...You are the GREATEST! Thanks a million. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing this service. Have a great day!!!!!
Kelli Zblewski



Put your website on your business card!

Moon & Stars newest service to you - your website* or catalog* on
 a business card sized CD.

A Fabulous New Way to get your message out and
impress your customers!

Hand your customers your business card and amaze them when they can view your products or message on their computer ....

Label holds your regular business info, but what a terrific bonus for your customers to be able to view whole pages from your website or catalog and click to go directly to your site with clickable links!!!

When your customer slips the card in their computer you could show them:

  • The first page of your website with clickable links

  • A page with your voice message and a photo of you for that personal touch!

  • List your featured products

  • Links to your sale pages

  • Your catalog or brochure

  • Have a clickable link to your order form or order page

  • Great for wholesale customers!

  • And much more, limited only by your imagination!!!

For only $98.95** you can get your first 50 cards.
And, as an extra bonus, each card will get a see thru plastic cover for free.

 After you get your first 50 cards and pay the set up fee, you can order extra cards for only:
50 extra cards $42.00
100 extra cards $75.00

After you purchase your first set we will keep your information on file, so you do not have to pay the set up fee again.  If you need changes in the card, depending on how many, there may or may not be a small fee.


Website address


we will call you for all the info when we get your order



*maximum size 50mb
** $49.95 set up fee is included in this amount


graphics used on this page are not for download and were made specially for Moon and Stars by

Moon & Stars
P.O. Box 210
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*graphics used in websets with permission from owners of graphics. 

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